Travel Nova  a pioneer of the millennial African travel movement.

We showcase the African culture by focusing on interacting travel with the local people and culture through art, music, and cuisine. Our message is simple: You should make travel a stress-free any-day activity —and you don’t need a ton of money or vacation days to do so. And the best part? We’re here to show you how.

We also designs itineraries that fit our showcase. We create trips and sponsor activities aimed to immerse globetrotters in the culture of the countries we have chose to visit.

We use our platforms (Youtube, blog, Instagram and Twitter) to encourage, celebrate, and connect adventurous African millennials.

All the wordings aside, enjoy yourself! Travel Nova is an experience. We promise to take you from wherever you are–to all destinations. If you have any love you’d like to share with us, reach us through the contacts at the top!